TMCNet:  BenchmarkPortal Announces their Contact Center Quality Assurance Certification Training Schedule for 2013

[January 21, 2013]

BenchmarkPortal Announces their Contact Center Quality Assurance Certification Training Schedule for 2013

Santa Barbara, CA, Jan 21, 2013 ( via COMTEX) — BenchmarkPortal is announcing the 2013 Quality Assurance Training for the contact center industry. The new schedule includes more live online workshops. BenchmarkPortal also delivers this training on-site directly to the call center. This workshop covers strategy, company culture, behaviors, assessment forms, service, compliance, call monitoring process, evaluation frequency, coaching, feedback, time management, recognition, technology and more.

Participants will gain an understanding of the specific requirements necessary to build a "best- in-class" quality monitoring and assessment process. They will learn how to build the monitoring and quality assessment program to meet the needs of the enterprise, the center, the agents and the callers. Participants will identify those agent behaviors that provide an excellent customer experience, i.e., reduce the customer effort to solve their problem, answer their question and drive loyalty. From this knowledge comes the development of the assessment processes, form for assessment and the scoring metrics that will measure the result.

Participants will learn the issues of calibration of the assessment and scoring processes, and how to deliver appropriate recognition and reward for the stakeholders of the process. This workshop will provide real- life example and exercises using strategic imperatives to assess the current program, make adjustments or develop an entirely new program that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Small class size allows for one-on-one interaction with the instructors, as well as networking opportunities with colleagues and industry peers. Participants also leave with "take aways" that are meant to enable them to make a real difference in their centers.

Participants in these workshops typically include Call Center Managers, Supervisors, Directors and Vice Presidents. The courses are designed to enable these leaders to better manage their call centers and strengthen relationships with other departments. Every attendee receives complete course documentation and a comprehensive workbook.

All BenchmarkPortal call center training courses include access to a complimentary Benchmarking Report and web-ex style presentation of the individual's benchmarking results with their college instructor. Managers report that they really appreciate the combination of interactive classroom work along with personalized focus on individual needs and challenges. This approach is considered to be unique to BenchmarkPortal's College of Call Center Excellence training.

True quality call centers exist as a result of quality training. BenchmarkPortal helps employees get the training they need, so that call centers perform at the levels others expect. "This is a very good course for beginners and experienced quality assurance professionals. It reinforces and re-orients individuals to the basic fundamentals that must be in place as well as additional options, ideas, tools and methods to consider employing. Thanks again for a very informative and interactive training session. I Really enjoyed it and found it very helpful with some of the changes we are in the midst of making in our program," said Mindy Lamb, Call Quality Director, Cigna.

View the Calendar here for Call Center Quality Assurance Certification Training >> Live Online – Mar. 13-15, 2013 Live Online – May 8-10, 2013 Live Online – July 17-19, 2013 Live Online – September 11-13, 2013 Call Center Campus, Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 4-8, 2012 About BenchmarkPortal BenchmarkPortal's founders pioneered the first contact center benchmarking study in 1995. Now custodian of the largest database of contact center metrics in the world, BenchmarkPortal is a leader in certification, training, consulting and research for the customer contact industry. Its team of professionals has gained international recognition for expertise and innovation in best practices. BenchmarkPortal's mission is to help management optimize the performance of their center in terms of both cost and quality, encourage customer loyalty and build enterprise value. For more information on BenchmarkPortal, call 1-800-214-8929 or visit

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