TMCNet:  Okapi Appliance Repair Launches New Website, Gets Ready to Attract New Customers Through Local Internet Marketing

[April 26, 2013]

Okapi Appliance Repair Launches New Website, Gets Ready to Attract New Customers Through Local Internet Marketing

Apr 26, 2013 (EWORLDWIRE via Comtex) — Okapi brandishes its popular appliance repair brand through a spectacular new website as ace internet marketing firm Bearcat Media enhances local exposure.

In the wake of first quarter of 2013, New Jersey's Okapi Appliance Repair has launched its new website Established in 2006, Okapi has been serving people in and around New Jersey with dependable appliance repair. Seven years later, the company is repositioning online to show passion and commitment to doing an even better job.

The manager/owner of Okapi Appliance Repair Ngandu Lukusa said, "We're really excited about the new website. A great part of what we do at Okapi is serving the needs of homeowners and our customers – and I believe that the new website helps us do just that, in a better way." Bearcat Media representative Rick Magennis said: "Websites are important. It's hard to imagine a business without one – they have become a part of the bigger picture. They are part of an overall online effort that helps create brands that attract people." Both companies agree that Bearcat's Internet marketing services are fueling Okapi's growth. Services include search engine optimization including local SEO, content marketing, and dedicated link building services – innovative Internet marketing campaigns able to deliver significant results. In Okapi's case, the new website is geared towards reaching out to new local customers with Bearcat's local SEO services.

"Obviously we want more and more people to discover Okapi and use our services," said Lukusa. "Next to word of mouth, the Internet and web searches are a very useful way of expanding our customer base." In addition to finding appliance repair experts, people can learn about appliance repair on the new Okapi website. Both Bearcat Media ( and Okapi Appliance Repair get to exhibit what they are great at.

About Okapi Appliance Repair Okapi Appliance Repair is an appliance repair specialist in New Jersey. Services include in-house repair of all major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, dish washers, and heating and air conditioning. Okapi has been in business since 2006 and continues to attract new customers through various internet marketing efforts.

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