TMCNet:  Cognosys Launches New Version of CogConferencing Audio Video Collaboration Platform with Microsoft(R) Lync(TM) Server integration for Webcast, Multiparty Video Conferencing

[August 14, 2013]

Cognosys Launches New Version of CogConferencing Audio Video Collaboration Platform with Microsoft(R) Lync(TM) Server integration for Webcast, Multiparty Video Conferencing

PUNE, Maharashtra, Aug 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — via PRWEB — Every organization with distributed geographical presence needs to communicate and collaborate between various offices frequently. Let us assume a big corporate wants to hold an open discussion on the way forward for the organization. Invitees to such an event are going to be people linked to the organization. Video Conferencing suite from Cognosys Technologies allows unlimited users to log in concurrently and transmit data at a very low latency. The secret is in the advanced cache video streaming technique developed by Cognosys Technologies. The video content reaches the recipient almost instantly, what's more, participants can join in from their PC, laptops, tabs or even mobile phones. All they need is a browser and an internet connection.

With Lync, the event organizers can quickly add various groups from different departments as attendees. Since employees already belong to the organization, there is no need to especially scrutinize / validate any of them. With the employees having a fixed role in the organization, setting their level of involvement, such as, actively participate in the discussion, share documents, chalk up action plan on the shared white board or simply be available as spectators in the meeting is achieved by just a few clicks of the mouse.

For large organizations that have their R&D facilities, manufacturing plants, branch offices and administrative offices in different locations, all miles apart from each other, hosting a meeting to reach all of these locations poses problems like budget approvals, planning and sales strategies, making it a costly and time consuming affair. Cognosys Technologies' Video Conferencing suite allows users to participate in the meetings from remote locations. Participants can share audio, video, presentations, documents and chat with each other, share their desktop screens and share white boards to scribble diagrams and process flows, making communication effective and easy. Lync(TM) integration ensures that all the conversation is done through a Microsoft Lync Server and hence does not leave the corporate network, thus ensuring security and privacy. Group policy also augments Cog-Conference's ability to control what each group can see. The suite comes with chat and sharing tools where one person can chat with all or selective group of people or with everybody in the meeting with the meeting moderator having control of whom to grant these rights. For organizations with branch offices, "Cog-Conferencing" not only saves precious time and money, but also reduces the carbon foot print of people traveling to and fro over multiple locations.

Besides corporate world, Cognosys Technologies' Audio-Video Web Collaboration Suite is also suitable for various domains like: Education: – Participants can interact with online schools miles apart in a multi way communication forum. Distant education providers have already started using video teleconferencing to impart training to their students in remote locations.

Healthcare: – Video Conferencing Suite can be of great help in Telemedicine and Tele-nursing in hospital chains. Special peripherals such as microscopes fitted with digital cameras, video endoscopes, medical ultrasound imaging devices, otoscopes, etc., can be used in conjunction with video conferencing equipment to transmit data about a patient. With mobile collaboration on hand-held mobile devices "Cog-Conferencing" provides capabilities to locations previously unreachable, such as a remote community or a patient's homes.

Media relations: – Any person or an organization can do a worldwide press conference by taking questions from different countries. The entire event can also be broadcast on television via live streaming.

This solution comes with moderator panel to control user logins, access control for participants to interact in a conference, mute users or allow / disallow users from chatting, session control etc.

Cognosys Technologies offers "Cog-Conferencing" solution in two models, a cloud based pay as you go model where you pay for what you use and also dedicated solution for organizations, who host such sessions within their premises, can deploy this solution as dedicated deployment on premise or on own cloud infrastructure.

About Cognosys Technologies: Cognosys Technologies is a Red Herring Global 2012 Top 100 Winner, a Global ISV leading in Technical Consulting & Cloud Services leveraging cutting edge technologies to provide software solutions across domains with special emphasis on Storage, Media, Finance, HealthCare, ERP, CRM, high performance cloud / cluster computing, complex event processing, enterprise mobile applications and creative embedded deployments. Combining extensive research with unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across industries and business functions, Cognosys Technologies collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.

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