TMCNet:  How Every B2B Can Benefit from Social Media with WORKetc's NEW Social CRM Integration

[August 15, 2013]

How Every B2B Can Benefit from Social Media with WORKetc’s NEW Social CRM Integration

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — As business buyers get lost in the hype surrounding Social Media, WORKetc shows the way with its smart Social CRM integration.

(Photo: B2B managers and sales executives are under increasing pressure from key stakeholders to integrate social media marketing into their business strategy. But with just as many ROI horror stories as there is hype, where are they to start? WORKetc, an all-in-one business management platform with CRM, project management and billing, has made it easy for B2B firms to get started with direct integration into LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Daniel Barnett, CEO and Founder of WORKetc, had this to say, "I'm managing a fast growing business. Our product manages fast growing business. You don't need to be Sherlock to work out we use WORKetc to manage WORKetc, and as we have grown we continue to add hundreds of names to our contact database each week. No one can possibly really know all these people and simple sales notes are never going to be enough." Barnett continued, "So by making it possible to simply search and match a contact with their latest social media profile, we make it possible to stay up to date with what is important to your contacts. What's more, critical information such as profile pictures, job titles and current employers are also updated in the CRM software." How every B2B can benefit from Social Media right now.

Companies that might be hesitant to take their first steps with B2B Social Networking will benefit from reading these real-world scenarios of how to take advantage of Social CRM integration: Scenario 1: Let's say you have an existing contact with missing or outdated information. You would then do a search and match that contacts social profile. On the screen after you have selected the correct match, you then have the option of updating WORKetc with that new or additional detail.

Scenario 2: A support case or web form that is lodged from your web site with just a name and an email address. Great that someone is reaching out to you with a question, but seriously who the hell are they you inevitably ask yourself. So simply all you need to do is a quick 2 minute match search on that person and pull in their company, industry, location, position, picture and other information they have made public.

Scenario 3: You know that huge sales lead that you've been working on? The one that wanted to call you to call them back in 6 months? When WORKetc reminds you to call that lead, quickly click on their LinkedIn and Twitter badges to get all the latest gossip on that person. "Hi Bob – great news on coming second in that industry prize…awesome! Now, how about we meet up so I can show you how our product is going to get you the number one spot next year" Seriously, who could say no to that offer? WORKetc combines sales and contact management with project management, support tickets, billing and online collaboration all for one low monthly subscription. With its Social Media integration, WORK[etc] brings social intelligence to every aspect of your business.

The WORKetc Social CRM is available immediately on all new 14 day free trials.

Contact: Daniel BarnettCEO / [email protected]: daniel_barnettUSA: (800) 322 7860AUS: 61 2 80033557 SOURCE WORKetc

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