TMCNet:  Telerik Introduces New Apple iOS 7 Capabilities

[September 16, 2013]

Telerik Introduces New Apple iOS 7 Capabilities

Sep 16, 2013 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) — Telerik, a provider of development tools and solutions for building and analyzing cross-platform and mobile applications, announced its new Apple iOS 7 capabilities.

According to a release, Telerik products offering iOS 7 support include Kendo UI, Icenium, Icenium Everlive, and Test Studio for iOS. Together, these products deliver a complete mobile app development environment for iOS 7, taking full advantage of iOS enhancements such as the new UI interface, navigation, multitasking, accessory capabilities and more.

"Today's updates send a clear message to the iOS developer community that Telerik is committed to being the leading provider of professional iOS developer tools," said Todd Anglin, EVP of Cross-Platform Tools & Services. "We've spent a decade delivering and supporting professional developer tools, so we have the experience needed to help developers now flocking to iOS and in need of better tools. As we expand our focus on mobile, we will continue to give developers tools that are in-step with rapidly changing industry trends, so they always have the latest and greatest in their toolbox." Telerik said it entered the iOS market with the release of Telerik Test Studio for iOS in mid-2012. Since then, the company continues to propel forward with iOS advancements in Kendo UI and Icenium designed to boost productivity for developers building cross-platform and mobile applications. With the release of iOS 7, Telerik enhances its portfolio with iOS 7 support in: -Kendo UI Mobile – The HTML and JavaScript UI framework for building iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone mobile apps. Kendo UI Mobile has been updated to include out-of-the-box support for iOS 7, including its new navigational gestures. A new iOS 7 theme ships alongside existing iOS 6 support, so developers needing to support both iOS themes will be able to do so.

-Icenium – The cloud-based mobile app development solution, enabling developers to build, debug, and deploy hybrid apps for iOS and Android. Icenium will offer full support for iOS 7 and enable developers to leverage the IDE of their choosing, with no need to code on a Mac to get the native look and feel of iOS 7. In addition, the iOS 7 capabilities of Kendo UI Mobile will be automatically included in Icenium.

-Icenium Everlive – The set of cloud-based services (mBaaS) that enables developers to build and manage mobile apps in a faster, easier and more scalable way. Icenium Everlive enables developers to focus on building apps instead of managing server infrastructure. The Icenium Everlive iOS SDK is a wrapper around the Everlive REST services that helps developers add data, files and user management to a mobile app, with native filtering, querying, paging and sorting. The SDK comes with a fully asynchronous API along with mapping of cloud objects to Objective-C classes.

-Test Studio for iOS – The mobile automated testing solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications will be updated for iOS 7 compatibility including support for the new gesture functional model. Its floating toolbar supports interaction with iOS 7's Notification and Control Center swipe panels and enables users to move the toolbar to avoid interference with both panels.

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