TMCNet:  Best Car Code Reader for OBDII and CAN Systems Price Guide Posted Online

[October 03, 2013]

Best Car Code Reader for OBDII and CAN Systems Price Guide Posted Online

San Francisco, California, Oct 03, 2013 ( via COMTEX) — Error codes are one way that automotive diagnostic companies find the exact failure of a part or component on modern vehicles. Companies are now creating auto scan tools that consumers can use to perform their own diagnostic readings. The Auto Pros company has listed its price guide and review of the best car code reader for OBDII and CAN systems online at

This guide is now offered as an introduction to the standard readers that can be purchased through leading resources online. The prices that consumers pay to purchase OBD compatible readers can change based on a number of factors.

The creation of the CAN technology has introduced more complications to the selection process for some consumers. The Auto Pros guide and code reader review is expected to assist buyers with making the best purchase decision online.

Cars that have been produced after 1988 now feature electronic modules that help generate error codes for the electrical systems, engines and transmissions. The processing of these codes used to require software to read the error formats correctly. According to the Auto Pros review, the requirement of third party software was a contributor in the increase in diagnostic costs.

"The price guide that we've published introduces entry-level and advanced models that can now be purchased for reduced prices from top companies and shipping discounts are included," a source for the Auto Pros company said.

The prices guides and reviews now posted on the company website are designed to introduce the unadvertised discounts that are uncovered by this company during the products and services research process. The thousands of consumers who now use the website as an automotive resource online receive immediate access to this helpful information.

"The database access that we provide online is now used to match used auto parts, locate insurance and offer reviews of warranty plans to assist car owners with a range of helpful solutions," the source included.

The code reader data that is accessible is in addition to the price drop information reported for transmission rebuild kits added this month. Vehicle owners seeking a low cost way to rebuild a transmission could benefit from the guide now accessible online at

About The company now publishes reviews and special reports for automotive products that are routinely purchased by consumers online. This company serves thousands of visitors daily to its website and provides detailed information that could help a consumer make a smarter purchases online. The company resource includes finder database tools that make insurance, warranty plans and auto parts companies easier to locate online. The customer service staff employed by this company is accessible through the online contact center or established toll-free number for all customer inquiries.

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