TMCNet:  Liquidweb Vs. Linode Vs. Bluehost: VPS & Dedicated Server Web Hosting Reviews - Comparison of Windows/Linux Server Hosts to See Which is Better from

[November 01, 2013]

Liquidweb Vs. Linode Vs. Bluehost: VPS & Dedicated Server Web Hosting Reviews – Comparison of Windows/Linux Server Hosts to See Which is Better from

Nov 01, 2013 ( via COMTEX) — compares the top server hosting plans of Liquidweb, Linode and Bluehost.

Liquidweb offers flexible hosting plans specifically designed for the user's needs, rather than one-size-fits-all packages. These plans are suitable for professional webmasters who know their exact requirements. From the other point of view, Liquidweb's services are really overpriced compared with their competitor's. In short, Liquidweb's servers are not recommented to those with a tight budget, especially those who don't know what minimum features meet their needs.

Linode offers Linux hosting solutions. Their control panel is not that user-friendly. Many webmasters are used to utilizing the popular control panels of cPanel and Plesk to set up their websites or configure their virtual hosting, but Linode offers neither of the two. This company provides a command line that users accustomed to cPanel and Plesk may feel a bit awkward when using it. Linode is also an unmanaged server company. This means clients are responsible for installing and updating all software on the server. Things like installing scripts and software, troubleshooting configuration issues, setting up iptables firewall rules, etc. are all up to the client. Some webmasters have years of experience working with servers and have no problems with this, but newbies are often in a different boat.

Bluehost offers only Linux operating system of CentOS. CentOS is suitable for those looking for a highly stable version of Linux that offers enterprise-level reliability. The price of stability is that the software versions included with CentOS are rarely the latest and greatest. Bluehost's products are more affordable compared with Liquidweb and Linode hosting solutions. Their services are built from the ground up to leverage OpenStack, KVM, Intel XEON servers, and IBM-powered networking.

When choosing a VPS or dedicated server provider, besides the reliability, ease of use, price and security, there are two other important criteria which must be considered — the level of customer services, and server speed.

GoldPuma is one of the leaders in providing VPS and dedicated servers which has a reputation for their super high speed servers, and great support team. They offer a powerful, high speed hosting solution, providing both Windows and Linux operating systems, all backed by the best service and support in the industry, available LIVE 24/7. With their team of experts, users don't have to worry about setup — GoldPuma will get their server up and running fast if they are not even sure how to set it up. Users choose the plan that's right for them, and leave the rest to GoldPuma.

GoldPuma provides both VPS and Dedicated Server plans at affordable prices. Their detailed plans and prices are available at and . They offer user-friendly tools to make it easy for their clients to set up and manage their own websites. Here's also a link to view the comparison of Bluehost, Linode and Liquidweb companies, provided by

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