TMCNet:  Top 10 Tips For Managing Your Trade Credit in 2014

[December 16, 2013]

Top 10 Tips For Managing Your Trade Credit in 2014

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Tinubu Square is a trusted source of credit risk solutions for businesses and trade credit insurers and its cloud-based solution, Tinubu RMC SaaS provides B2B credit intelligence and operational reporting. By Michael Feldwick, Head of UK and Ireland at Tinubu Square, 1) Signs of economic recovery should be treated with caution. Trade credit may well become more widely available in 2014, but it is crucial to exercise robust financial management and not to overstretch limits due to an improving market. Don't overtrade and remember recovery never follows a straight line.

2) Make sure you use specialist software to provide you with detailed intelligence on the financial health and credit worthiness of customers. You must know what the outstanding risks are, what the total customer debt amounts to, and which customers represent the biggest risk in terms of recovering the debt.

3) Make credit assessments based on real-time data. The financial health of a customer last month will not help you to assess the security of their debts right now. Immediate visibility lets you understand your exposure instantly and if a customer slips from low or average risk to high risk, you can adjust credit limits until their financial position improves.

4) Timely data also means that you can manage risk according to your own appetite. If you know that you can hold the value of customer debts, sustain cash flow and accurately forecast, you are in a stronger position to make decisions.

5) Use credit management to improve your value with your stakeholders including credit insurers. If you have an accurate picture of the security of your debts and have built a good record –fewer days outstanding and fewer customer defaults– your business becomes more appealing and attracts better rates from credit insurers.

6) Integrate your credit risk management software solution. This means that everyone from back-office financial to front-line CRM systems works with the same information–from lead generation, to closing a sale, to follow up throughout the entire order-to-payment cycle.

7) Use this increased awareness to assess whether high-risk customers should be on your prospect lists and focus sales efforts on the strongest, high-value opportunities that will actually deliver fast, full revenue recognition. Sales teams will be tangibly more productive and the company will be focused on maximizing profitable sales.

8) Are you looking to expand into new markets? Growth in new, unfamiliar territories such as Asia, South America and Russia may increase your risk exposure. It is crucial to determine the credit risk of potential buyers operating in these areas based on "on the ground" intelligence. To do this, ensure your software solution synthesizes daily intelligence from global sources, and not just local.

9) Use your trade credit intelligence to improve your own business opportunities. Apart from enabling decisions to be made about which customers to trade with or extend credit to, this data can also be leveraged to guarantee bank credit and reduce borrowing costs.

10) Select a trade credit management software solution that can be easily integrated into your existing IT set-up, such as a cloud-based product. By doing this you will minimise your initial costs, cause little to no disruption, and you can start benefiting quickly.

Further information: Julie Kirby, Ascendant Communications, [email protected] +44 (0) 7956 955625 About Tinubu Square Tinubu Square's mission is to control and minimize trade credit risk. Since it was founded in 2001, Tinubu Square has become the most trusted source of trade credit intelligence for credit insurance leaders. Today, that intelligence is available directly to corporate customers, giving all B2B companies access to the best available intelligence on their company's credit risk. Tinubu Square's B2B Credit Risk Intelligence solutions–which include the Tinubu Risk Management Center (RMC) cloud-based SaaS platform, Tinubu Credit Intelligence service with real-time credit risk intelligence reporting and Tinubu Risk Analyst advisory service– give companies the true picture of their customers' financial health across their enterprise, from sales and marketing through the entire order-to-cash cycle. As a result, they can control their customer credit exposure at local and international levels, improve cash flow, secure the value of receivables as an asset on their balance sheets and strengthen their financial position for short-term bank credit. More than 250 B2B companies rely on Tinubu Square to protect their greatest assets: customer receivables. Based in Paris, Tinubu Square has offices in London, Brussels, Singapore and Mumbai. ((M2 Communications disclaims all liability for information provided within M2 PressWIRE. Data supplied by named party/parties. Further information on M2 PressWIRE can be obtained at on the world wide web. Inquiries to [email protected])).


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