TMCNet:  Xtime Revolutionizes Service Marketing

[February 04, 2014]

Xtime Revolutionizes Service Marketing

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. –(Business Wire)–

Xtime, the leading retention solution for the automotive industry, today announced Marketing 7. Marketing 7 is the industry’s first and only service marketing system that enables dealerships to visualize unsold service opportunity, launch targeted, time-based promotions and measure program performance in real-time.

As part of the Xtime Retention System, Marketing 7 is responsible for generating increased service demand, followed by Scheduling 7 for capturing and booking that demand and ending with Check-In 7 for increasing the value of that demand.

With an average 50 percent customer churn and 75 percent shop utilization, the dealership service experience is in need of serious improvement. By integrating marketing, scheduling and check-in into a unified, easy-to-use system for both consumers and service personnel, the Xtime Retention System solves the industry’s low utilization and retention problem.

“A typical dealership utilizes only 75 percent of their service capacity on a weekly basis,” said Neal East, CEO of Xtime. “We designed Marketing 7 to monetize the other 25 percent. Based on NADA data, the average dealer’s unsold service capacity is worth $400,000 a year in high margin, service revenue and $7 billion a year across all U.S. dealerships. It is a problem that needs solving, since low service retention leads to low repurchase loyalty. So much so, that just a one percent increase in loyalty adds $155,000 in revenue per dealer per year.”

Xtime solves the unsold capacity problem by integrating its consumer interfaces, smart data analytics and mature cloud technology with a completely new way of viewing and promoting unused service capacity. The result is Marketing 7, the industry’s first intelligent, closed-loop, service marketing system, and Xtime’s most innovative product to date.

Smart Data Drives Capacity-Targeted Programs

Marketing 7 uses the Xtime Cloud to access one of the best-curated customer and services databases available. By analyzing over 750 million repair orders and the buying behavior of over 100 million customers, Xtime provides dealers with the intelligent data they need for communicating accurately with their service customers. When combined with the VIN-specific recommendations, shop control and service pricing engines built into the Xtime Cloud, dealerships now have the industry’s most powerful service marketing system.

Marketing 7 works by analyzing past appointment and walk-in behavior and uses it to accurately project future unsold opportunity. It then automates the creation and distribution of time-based promotions to optimally load the service department. Dealers can identify owners by specific vehicle and consumer demographics to win back lost business, promote declined services and build loyalty with new cstomers.

Click-to-Book Promotions Enable Real-Time Analysis

Consumers receive personalized offers through their preferred communication channels (Web, mobile, email, text, QR code). Each promotion contains details of special offers and a link to the dealer’s Xtime service scheduler, pre-loaded with the customer’s data (requires Scheduling 7). Promotions and any associated discounts booked from any Xtime Scheduling 7 interface show up in the customer’s shopping cart and then flow through every step of the service process, from repair order to cashiering.

Dealerships can visually measure each program’s performance across all channels, including online, mobile, email, text, advisor and call center, and immediately see the impact on revenue. Marketing 7 monitors, in real-time, the click-through activity, show rate and closed repair order value from each promotion.

Marketing 7 Innovations

  • Opportunity Dashboard: Analyze past appointment and walk-in data to project future unsold capacity; automate distribution of time-based promotions; view results in real-time
  • Programs: Create and distribute promotions through multiple channels; offer discounts or amenities tied to specific services, days or times; convert promotions into bookings with integrated scheduling
  • Audiences: Recapture lost, high-profit customers with older vehicles; target owners by vehicle, trim and VIN; capture declined service follow-ups and market seasonal promotions; support dealer, group or brand level distribution
  • Channels: Enable multi-channel digital marketing via email, Web, mobile, check-in and call center; utilize personalized QR codes for use with print marketing
  • Content Management: Define channel-specific designs or use pre-built content; incorporate dealer, group and brand-specific designs using a drag-and-drop content editor

“Through visualizing their unsold service capacity and promoting it to the market, dealers now have the same intelligent marketing system that hotels and airlines have had for a decade to monetize unused, time sensitive capacity,” said East. “By delivering advanced marketing with integrated scheduling and automated check-in, Xtime addresses the industry’s end to end retention problem by providing the industry’s first end to end retention solution.”

Helpful Links
Marketing 7
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Dealer 7 Video
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Marketing 7 will be available in the second quarter of 2014. Interested dealers should contact Xtime at (888) 463-3888 or [email protected].

About Xtime

Xtime is the leading cloud-based retention solution for automotive manufacturers and dealer service departments. Its products help dealerships discover, deliver and retain profitable customers and help manufacturers increase customer retention and loyalty. Xtime processes more than 2 million appointments each month and originates more than 10 percent of dealer repair orders in North America.

Xtime is the exclusive or preferred provider for major global automotive manufacturers in North America, including Audi, BMW, Honda (NewsAlert), Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, MINI, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. Xtime is also the trusted choice for many of the industry’s leading dealership groups including Asbury, AutoNation, Group 1 Automotive, Luther, MileOne and Sonic Automotive.

Xtime is based in Silicon Valley and has offices in Australia, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom. For more information, please visit Connect with Xtime on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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