TMCNet:  SaleCycle Announces New Launch of Industry's First and Only On-Site Remarketing Technology to Tackle Cart Abandonment

[March 18, 2015]

SaleCycle Announces New Launch of Industry’s First and Only On-Site Remarketing Technology to Tackle Cart Abandonment

SaleCycle, the leading international remarketing company, today announced the launch of its’ newest version of On-Site Remarketing (OSR). The latest product release features several key upgrades to the OSR functionality to improve e-retailers’ ability to hyper-segment and personalize the online customer journey.

The On-Site Remarketing technology helps clients to reduce their online abandonment rate by targeting web site visitors who display ‘exit intent’ in the shopping cart; showing real-time messages based on website data around price, timing, location and product availability.

The new features now available include:

  • Configurable Browser Zones – Clients can now determine what constitutes ‘exit intent’ based upon website visitors specific mouse navigation to select screen areas.
  • Device-based templates – Custom creatives and messaging can be displayed dependent on the type of device a customer is using to browse.
  • Geolocation Filters – Clients can display different messaging, in different languages, based upon where a customer is in the world.
  • Consumer Behavior Split-Testing – Clients can split-test various messaging based upon specific on-site customer behavior or triggers.
  • Customer Service/Call Center Integration – The OSR technology can notify a clients’ helpdesk or call center in real-time, for those customers wishing to speak to a service representative.

“Working with the world’s largest brands, we recognize that our clients are faced with on-going challenges creating seamless and engaging online customer interactions,” says Michael Barber, Head of Product at SaleCycle. “This latest round of product updates is aimed at addressing those pain points, providing our clients with greater flexibility when using our On-Site Remarketing product to drive up their conversion rates and grow their online revenue.”

Interested in learning more about On-Site Remarketing? Please visit:

About SaleCycle

Founded in 2010, SaleCycle is committed to helping the world’s leading brands recover lost sales online.

SaleCycle’s signature On-Site Remarketing and Email Remarketing solutions enable clients to reconnect with consumers who abandon their shopping cart, booking or application form with dynamic, personalized messages in real-time.

SaleCycle serves over 500 clients globally and has offices in Washington DC, London, Paris, Singapore and Sydney.

Find out why the world’s leading brands including Sony, Ralph Lauren and Hertz work with SaleCycle at

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