TMCNet:  US Call Center Launches Program for Pharma/Medical Industries to Boost Sales While Reducing Costs

[March 18, 2015]

US Call Center Launches Program for Pharma/Medical Industries to Boost Sales While Reducing Costs

ORANGE PARK, Fla., March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Tech Ambience Call Center today announced a specially created program designed to increase sales while reducing the cost of those sales for Pharma and Medical Industry clients.

“Our executive team has worked on call center and support projects for many of the largest Pharma and Medical companies in the world,” stated Prem Anand, CEO of Tech Ambience. “During the course of that work, we’ve seen many changes in the marketplace and the pressures placed on companies in this sector.  Our specialized Call Center program for our Pharma and Medical Industry clients reflects those changes.”

Anand went to explain that those in the Pharma and Medical Industries were not only being challenged to reduce their large sales forces, but to make every salesperson more productive in a marketplace where each sale has become more complicated.

“Boosting sales often no longer involves primarily just a physician, it may well involve a large organization for which a physician works, insurance considerations, and the way a particular market interacts with patients,” Anand continued.  “Our Call Center’s specialized program is designed to deal with all of these areas in setting appointments for salespeople, for example, or in dispensing information.”

Anand emphasized that Pharma and Medical Industry educational programs have also undergone significant changes. “These programs can be very powerful tools for product sales in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry areas.  Here again, not only have rules changed but the invittion process has become more involved.  It reaches into many levels now, and requires a specialized approach for event set up and enrollment.”

“Our Call Center’s program, developed out of our team’s experience in the Pharma and Medical Industries takes all of these factors into account,” Anand explained.  “We work as a partner with our Pharma and Medical Industry clients to craft a custom approach and maximum results for each project.  Our goal is to free sales people to do what they do best, and by doing that to increase product sales, cut costs and maximize ROI for each of our clients’ projects.”

The Tech Ambience Call Center ( is a division of Tech Ambience, a Florida based IT support, development and services company which works with some of the largest firms in the US, including the military.  This gives the Call Center a deep technical resource which includes not just proprietary, Cloud software designed for the needs of the Pharma and Medical Industries, but the ability to link call center work and results to virtually any client phone or CRM system, should a project require it.  All staff is US based and work from Tech Ambience’s Florida offices.

“The quality and knowledge of our staff in the call center is a core element,” Anand concluded.”  All of our call center staff live in Florida.  Many of them are from military families, something we feel strongly about.  We never outsource; all of our call center work is done from our Florida offices.  That coupled with our executive team’s significant career experience in the Pharma/Medical industries gives us the ability to meet the new requirements of Pharma and Medical Industry clients.”

About Tech Ambience

Tech Ambience is a respected provider of high-level software development and support to Fortune 1000 clients and the military.  For more information on the Tech Ambience Call Center Division, Please visit

Press Contact Information:  
Wayne D. McFarland 
Senior Associate 
Tech Ambience 
(818) 651-6347 

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