TMCNet:  Genesys Launches Competitive Replacement Programs To Accelerate Delivery of Omnichannel Customer Experiences

[March 23, 2016]

Genesys Launches Competitive Replacement Programs To Accelerate Delivery of Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Genesys (NewsAlert) (, the market leader in omnichannel customer experience (CX) and contact center solutions, today announced comprehensive replacement programs for Avaya and Aspect™ customers seeking to modernize their call center systems to enable true omnichannel customer experiences. Genesys will offer special pricing for Avaya and Aspect (NewsAlert)™ customers who sign up for the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution by June 30, 2016.

The Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution helps organizations meet the needs of today’s digitally driven customer and enables memorable and effortless customer experiences across all channels, touchpoints and interactions through the following key capabilities:

“Many organizations are realizing that omnichannel is now a business imperatie and their legacy call center infrastructure poses significant challenges to serving customers seamlessly in their preferred digital channels with full lifecycle context. The Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution offers customers an easier, more effective way to modernize their systems and deliver powerful omnichannel experiences,” said Tom Eggemeier, President of Genesys. “These new competitive programs allow Avaya (NewsAlert) and Aspect™ customers to switch to Genesys in a painless and cost effective manner and deliver omnichannel experiences that today’s consumers expect.”

“Our customers are shifting from voice to digital interactions. Omnichannel innovation gives customers easier ways to do business,” said Ender Durukan, Senior Vice President of Contact Centers at Akbank, a Genesys customer.

The Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution delivers significant customer satisfaction and cost-saving benefits, including:

  • Improved Net Promoter Score by as much as 35 points
  • Reduced infrastructure and operational costs by 38%
  • Improved contact center agent productivity by 40%
  • Improved first call resolution by nearly 70%

For more information on the benefits of the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution, see the recent Forrester Total Economic Impact Study.

For more information on the Genesys competitive replacement offers, visit the replacement program pages for Avaya and Aspect™.

To learn more about the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution and how it compares to offerings from Avaya and Aspect™, register for the March 30 global webinar. The webinar will feature insights to:

  • Avoid pitfalls when selecting a replacement CX platform
  • Evaluate an omnichannel solution
  • Create a migration plan that mitigates risk

Click here to register for the webinar, which will be presented Live for North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific time zones.

About Genesys

Genesys, creator of the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform, empowers organizations to build exceptional customer relationships with personalized, omnichannel experiences across all journeys in the customer lifecycle. For over 25 years we have put the customer at the center of all that we do. We passionately believe that great customer experience drives great business outcomes. Trusted by over 4,700 customers in 120 countries, Genesys orchestrates over 24 billion interactions per year in the cloud and on premises. For more information

Connect with Genesys via TwitterFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn, and the Genesys blog.

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