TMCNet:  HIERSUN Launches I DO Culture Corporation, Building New Ecosystem with Hollywood in the Industry

[November 25, 2016]

HIERSUN Launches I DO Culture Corporation, Building New Ecosystem with Hollywood in the Industry

BEIJING, Nov. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On November 25, Hiersun has held a grand ceremony to celebrate the official foundation of its I DO Culture Corporation. A press conference with the theme “WITH PERSEVERANCE, WITH FAITH IN THE FUTURE. WE UNITE, WE FLY HIGH” also took place, highlighting a Sino-US cultural industry integration and a strategic alliance with Hollywood to build a new cultural industrial ecosystem. Many important figures from Hollywood have attended the ceremony, such as the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Lorenzo Soria; EVP International Distribution at Dick Clark Productions; Mark Rafalowski, Head of New Business and Special Projects at Beacon Pictures, Mark Pennel; Co-Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Three Six Zero Entertainment, David Unger; CEO of MeiTian MeiYu Media, Jean Zhang, etc. The CEO of Kylin Pictures, Hong Pang, together with Houlin Li and Feng Shi, President of both HIERSUN and I DO Culture Corporation, and Co-Founder and CEO of I DO Culture Corporation respectively were all present on the scene. Star guests were also spotted at the ceremony to send their best wishes to the new enterprise. Renowned director/actress Jinglei Xu, actor Honglei Sun and musician Kun Yang were on the list.

Win-win cooperation: allying with domestic and international tops in the field, producing earthy but high-grade IP content

I DO Culture Corporation is reportedly made up of five subsidiaries, Hiersun Entertainment, Hiersun International, Hiersun Communication and Hiersun Fashion, centering film and television research and development, production and investment. Upon purchasing and developing copyrights of high-quality Intellectual Properties (IP), they also keep an eye on funding various high-quality cultural industry projects, covering a wide range of resourcs such as film and television, online games, internet-produced content, music and shows, aiming to explore project investments and new cultural activities like interaction between television and online games. In the meantime, they integrate horizontally diverse platforms, for instance, interactive entertainment, animation industry and international partnership, expanding actively to explore new prospect of cultural activities.   

Feng Shi, Co-Founder and CEO of I DO Culture Corporation, pointed out that I DO Culture Corporation will deepen its collaboration with global and home-grown top enterprises in terms of capital, content and production and base themselves on the global perspective, focusing on producing excellent IP content. Through introduction and exportation, a new global cultural industry ecosystem will foresee its success. “We will get our foot back down to earth and exert every effort to achieve our goal. We are pleased to be practitioners along with all of you here.”

Mark Pennel, Head of New Business and Special Projects at Beacon Pictures said that Beacon Pictures and I DO Culture Corporation founded a joint venture EMW and they will produce internationalized IP content, making capital of Hollywood’s advantage in film-making. According to Labid Aziz, Co-producer at Unified Pictures, they have jointly invested in an animation film Noah’s Ark. The film, which has John Stevenson (director of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda) and Philip LaZebnik (screenwriter and producer, Mulan and The Prince of Egypt) to lead, is the first animation blockbuster with Chinese investments.  

Lorenzo Soria, President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, recounted the history of Golden Global Award and expressed his expectation of a further strategic partnership with I DO Culture Corporation. “I’m proud to say that, we have kicked off a partnership with I DO Culture Corporation,” said President Soria. This important partnership realized by both parties will give birth to more excellent films and contribute greatly to the global culture.

Additionally, Hong Kong-based director Jingle Ma has settled his studio in I DO Culture Corporation. The partnership marks more internationalized high-quality IP content to be produced, and a break through the previous model of commercial collaboration on IP, shaping a closed circuit of this industrial chain via a whole process of developing, projecting, producing and releasing IP content. According to Jingle Ma, they are currently filming Europe Raiders. The fourth installment in his franchise, America Raiders, thanks to their partnership, is in its preparation phase. Movie stars such as Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Kris Wu, Yan Tang, Jennifer Tse congratulated his settlement in I DO Culture Corporation through spot connection.

WE UNITED, WE FLY HIGH: Building New Industrial Ecosystem, Maximizing Internal Synchronization

In the future, I DO Culture Corporation will connect the film industry to the gaming industry, maximizing IP’s commercial value. Taking Giant Interactive Group Inc.’s online game Divine World as an example, it will be Hiersun Entertainment’s starting point to achieve film-game interaction. Making advantage of Divine World’s game background and its large number of followers, Hiersun Film will integrate advantageous resources with Hiersun Entertainment, putting money into Divine World TV dramas. Hiersun Communication will assume the responsibility to publicize, while Hiersun Fashion operates as human resource database and Hiersun International works on building internationalized film communication platform. 

Houlin Li, President of HIERSUN and I DO Culture Corporation, said, “Laying out a cross-over industrial chain covering entertainment, internet and e-finance, national arts and traditional culture, with jewelry as core business, is an important step for Hiersun to upgrade itself for reaching diverse sectors. We hope that I DO Culture Corporation’s foundation and its link-up with top-ranking operators in the industry worldwide will promote inbound and outbound film industry’s communication and integration.”

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