TMCNet:  LEVL Introduces The LEVLpro Solution, Helping Wellness Professionals Improve Client Outcomes

[January 04, 2017]

LEVL Introduces The LEVLpro Solution, Helping Wellness Professionals Improve Client Outcomes

SEATTLE, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LEVL, a health and wellness device that can tell an individual’s fat burning state with just one breath, today announced the LEVLpro Solution, arming wellness professionals with valuable and individualized insights that will enhance their services and improve their clients’ outcomes. LEVLpro was recently unveiled at the Discover Blue event at CES.

The LEVLpro Solution provides a personalized measurement of an individual’s real time state of fat-burning using the LEVL device and application. With this information, health and wellness professionals can quickly and accurately make decisions about their clients’ nutrition and fitness plans. The LEVLpro Solution shows biomarker insights that confirm the effectiveness of fitness and nutrition plans and compliments and adds to client interaction by providing enhanced accountability. It also sets daily fat burn milestones and reduces time spent on nutrition and wellness plans that may not be working. By integrating The LEVLpro Solution into a gym, training studio, nutrition center or wellness clinic, health professionals can leverage LEVL’s breath analysis technology to measure what’s going on inside the body, and ultimately help their clients achieve their wellness goals faster.

X-Gym founder and renowned health and fitness expert, PJ Glassey, has been using LEVL with clients in a study since October and has seen phenomenal results: “I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for almost 30 years, and I’ve never seen clients achieve results like this. With the LEVLpro Solution, my clients are losing more fat than ever before, more quickly than ever before,” said Glassey. “The beauty of LEVL is that every reading is good news, because I’m helping them figure out their own personal physiology, and we are able to make changes to their health and wellness plans immediately to help them achieve their fat loss goals. In the past, it’s been a lot of trial and error, and it can take months to achieve results. With LEVL, we are seeing that timelie cut down to weeks. I’ve also found that it keeps people accountable in ways that things like food journaling can’t, because the LEVL device is an indisputable indicator of what you’ve eaten and what you’ve done, not what you’ve written down. It has also proven to be a draw to X-Gym – I have clients who have seen friends with results coming in and asking about LEVL.”

Built on 50 years of breath science research, the LEVL device measures an individual’s state of fat burning. LEVL’s proprietary nanosensor measures parts per million of acetone concentration in the breath which correlates directly with the body’s state of fat burning. Users simply blow into the tabletop device, and LEVL’s sensor measures the concentration of acetone in that breath, providing an individual LEVL score. The LEVL score appears on the device while seamlessly synching additional insights to the LEVL app. Wellness professionals can use these insights and projected fat-loss data to adjust and further their clients’ routine to maximize fat loss.  

“LEVL is on a mission to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by arming health and wellness professionals with a powerful tool that will help their clients achieve their individual wellness goals,” said Brent Hixson, President and CEO of LEVL.

The LEVLpro Solution includes the LEVL device, LEVL app, the LEVLpro Portal, which helps track clients’ data either at a facility or with the clients’ personal devices, on-going maintenance, replaceable sensors and calibrant, customer support, as well as training and education. It is available to health and wellness professionals for $199.00 per month with a 12-month agreement LEVLpro will launch with a limited release in Seattle in January 2017.

LEVL will also be available to consumers and consumer pricing availability will be announced March 2017. Additional information is available at Product images and video are available in the press room:

About LEVL
LEVL is on a mission to change the conversation about weight loss to one about fat loss. LEVL is a ground-breaking device that can tell an individual’s fat burning state with just one breath. Users simply blow into LEVL, and a proprietary nanosensor detects a molecule in the breath that indicates if he or she is burning fat. Armed with this personalized information, which works seamlessly with smartphones and is available immediately via LEVL’s app, users can make real-time decisions about their diet and exercise routines to optimize fat loss and wellness. Based on half a century of proven breath science research, LEVL makes monitoring a user’s fat burning state easy and predictable. All it takes is one breath. LEVL is a Class I medical device.

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