TMCNet:  StoneTimberRiver Announces the Launch of Discovery™

[June 20, 2017]

StoneTimberRiver Announces the Launch of Discovery™

StoneTimberRiver is excited to announce the launch of Discovery™, a software solution intended for professional sports organizations that will change the way users perceive CRM and increase their productivity with a powerful, intuitive, and elegant design. Discovery is slated to launch Summer 2017.

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StoneTimberRiver is excited to announce the launch of Discovery™, a CRM software solution intended f ...

StoneTimberRiver is excited to announce the launch of Discovery™, a CRM software solution intended for professional sports organizations. (Photo: Business Wire)

StoneTimberRiver believes Discovery will not only provide robust functionality for the sales and service departments of sports organization, but also increase user adoption with its seamless interface. Over the course of its 18-year history, StoneTimberRiver has emphasized a best practices model, focused on clean and polished user interfaces. Discovery continues those same themes, but presents a re-imagined product that the industry has not seen before. The product offers a powerful toolkit for campaign management, stadium visualizations, order processing queues, partnership deal management, activation tracking and many other focal points pertinent to a sports organization. Beyond the functionality, the intuitive and elegant design is the first of its kind in the industry.

StoneTimberRiver’s existing SportsLine product is already in use by over 60 organizations representing the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB (NewsAlert), MLS and collegiate athletics. The brand-new Discovery product will begin its Beta program later this summer, and then become available to existing StoneTimberRiver clients following this completion.

“Discovery means a new streamlined experience for our clients. With all user functions focused in one intuitive portal, we are eliminating adoption timelines and providing an experience that users will enjoy. The progressive design makes the user interaction feel natural, regardless of the department or business process. Given the stale and convoluted alternative solutions in this market, we believe Discovery is a breath of fresh air for the sports industry,” says COO Zach Taylor.

About StoneTimberRiver:

StoneTimberRiver is a leading provider of software solutions for the professional sports and entertainment industry. With over 18 years of experience developing effective tools for sales, service, marketing, finance, and broadcast departments, StoneTimberRiver is continually striving to provide innovative products and outstanding service to each client.

The StoneTimberRiver suite of products offers solutions for Ticket Sales & Service, Premium Sales & Service, and Partnership Sales & Service.

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