ResponsiveAds Creates STRETCH Ad Format

ResponsiveAds Creates STRETCH Ad Format

ResponsiveAds, a developer of software and services for online advertising, has announced the creation of a new advertising configuration it calls STRETCH. The company can now allow its clients to create advertisements that fill all the white space within an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) ad slot.

The use of STRETCH could change the manner in which publishers deal with clients. STRETCH does not require that publishers place any special code on their websites to display ads that use the ResponsiveAds format. Instead, the format means to work with desktop and mobile devices when clients create ads in specific IAB sizes such as 728 x 90 or 300 x 250. Publishers need only to sell ad slots with the PS (Programmatic STRETCH) label to make clients aware of the nature of their advertisements.

Clients will then have the opportunity to create one advertisement that works on multiple devices. They can expect, for instance, a 728 x 90 ad to shrink to 300 x 90 when shown on a mobile device. The transition takes place automatically with no extra effort required on the part of the publisher or client.

In order to create these flexible ads, ResponsiveAds will place a number of templates in its Narrator Studio design software that allows clients to create responsive banners as they see fit.

This creation from ResponsiveAds leverages the trend in internet-based advertisement publishing where an extended majority of ads arrive in a base set of IAB-approved sizes. However, clients and publishers often find a lack of harmony when it comes to responsive design. Matthew Snyder, the CEO of ResponsiveAds, speaks to that issue:

“Approximately 90 percent of all display media bought and sold in digital takes up these core IAB sizes,” Snyder said. “We have been so frustrated seeing floating non-fitting ad boxes on pages that, in order to create a premium visualization of brand messaging, we leveraged our ResponsiveAds technology together with partners to solve this problem. Offering this first Responsive cross-screen programmatic format is exciting to see the opportunities for more rich-media across the web and no more bad ads.”

Snyder’s company will now partner with a select set of clients and publishers following a pilot and case study. After those trials, additions to the Narrator Studio should become available for commercial consumption and publishers across the web should begin to see greater demand for STRETCH ads.

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