California 2013 Buzz

"DevCon5 starts tomorrow, think its gonna be ace! Have you seen the itinerary?"

"Good Morning @DevConFive – I’m ready for my opening keynote!"

"#DevConFive Margaret Schmidt of TiVo- Design for one common experience while understanding the platforms"

"If you’re a lucky #DevConFive attendee, check out #kentalstad’s session"

"10 techniques for improving #webperf – rated by difficulty, risk & reward. Today’s presentation straight from #DevConFive"

"#DevConFive Kent Alsted of Radware. If the Site is Slow people think its broken. A slow website damages your brand."

"Envious of our VP Acceleration, @kentalstad, who’s in California presenting at #DevConFive today, while I hunker inside a giant snowglobe."

"At #DevConFive? Don’t miss the ‘Using Responsive and Adaptive Techniques’ advanced #HTML5 session, Dec 11, 1 PM:"

"@Mozilla unveils holiday #HTML5 game competition. See them live this week at #DevConFive"

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Learn it all at HTML5

  • HTML5’s capabilities, limitations and future potential
  • How HTML5 can improve user experiences without Flash
  • The impact of HTML5 beyond just video
  • How to balance user demands with simplicity and power
  • How to create delightful and sustainable user experiences with HTML5
  • The impact of HTML5's universal experience on unique devices
  • Gaming’s impact on HTML5
  • How to develop a mobile web strategy based on HTML5
  • HTML5’s impact on acquisition strategies
  • How to enable browser security
  • Who will win the browser wars