Is Your Interface as Intuitive, Engaging and Interactive as it Can be?

Discover ways to program, design and engage your audience to keep users coming back for more.

dunkley trani hussain janisheck lageway Mudigonda
Peter Dunkley
Technical Director
Paul Trani
Senior Worldwide
Creative Cloud Evangelist
Sajeel Hussain
Chief Marketing Officer
Joey Janisheck
Erik Lagerway
Saraj Mudigonda
Sr. Business Dev Manager
Pey chen mitchell nekorystnov Anatoli alex
Ali Pey
Sr. Software Eng. Architect
Doris Chen
HTML5 Technology Evangelist
Will Mitchell
Lead Developer

Mikhail Nekorystnov Sr. Director VoIP Operations

Anatoli Levine
Director, Product Management – DTBU
Alex Eleftheriadis
Chief Scientist and

Register online or contact Frank Coppola at [email protected] or 203.852.6800 ext. 131.

The HTML5 Communications Summit will assemble the industry’s leading design and development experts who will demonstrate how to take your Web or app project to the next level by integrating real time communications to create interactive experiences to increase engagement and conversions.

Adobe teaches how to integrate useful design elements into your development project.  Think like a designer, foresee how users will view your application or website, and design accordingly.

Angular, Backbone, Apache Cordova: Microsoft shares how to best develop mobile apps across multiple devices.

Plus, second screen, WebRTC, standards and updates, live demos and more.

Why You Should Attend

Ford“Industry-leading Web developers, designers, architects, technology leaders and business strategists will gather at the HTML5 Communications Summit to explore the latest implementation strategies and tactics. Our list of expert speakers will share the insight needed for event attendees to reinvent and advance the development of an interactive Web.”

– Carl Ford, CEO, Crossfire Media, executive director of content, HTML5

Who Should Attend

  • Creators of Applications and Solutions for all things Internet
  • Developers, including Application, Software, UI and Web
  • Graphic and Web Designers
  • Artists of User Interface, User Experience, Responsive and Adaptive techniques
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Executives including CEOs, CIOs and CTOs
  • Information Technologists
  • Systems Managers
  • Network Planners from the Cloud to the Enterprise Premise
  • Managers including IT, Product and Strategic
  • Planners looking to understand the impact on Business Processes
  • Security Planners looking to enable and protect
  • Strategists and anyone with a Web presence
  • Usability Testers and Ergonomic Designers focused on elegant experiences

Attendee Demographics

  • 62% Software Developers/Programmers
  • 14% Enterprise End Users
  • 12% Hardware Manufacturers
  • 8% Service Providers
  • 4% Other
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