Snowbound Software Updates VirtualViewer HTML5

Snowbound Software Updates VirtualViewer HTML5

Snowbound Software wants to make it easy to view documents from within the Web browser. It released its VirtualViewer HTML5 to accomplish exactly that task – giving users the ability to view Word, PDF, SVG, and various image formats in a Web-based viewer. Now the VirtualViewer has reached version 4.3.

Snowbound’s update to version 4.3 brings annotation and redaction tagging, annotation indication, annotation commenting, and bookmarking to its platform that is available on both Java and .NET (News – Alert). The primary goal of this release, said company chief operations officer, Mike Sabourin, was to increase the efficiency with which end users could collaborate while creating and editing documents.

“This release of VirtualViewer version 4.3 provides users with tools that allow them to collaborate on documents with other users across different departments within their organization,” Sabourin said. “We are excited about the increased efficiency our customers will enjoy with these enhancements.”

With annotation and redaction tagging, multiple users can now participate in the creation and editing of any annotation. They can assign a tag (News – Alert) to any piece of information, such as a customer’s phone number or address, and make a note of why such an element exists or why it should be removed. Multiple parties can see the changes each other want to make, so a final editor will be clear about any proposed document changes.

That final editor, after having seen multiple versions of the same multi-page document, may only wish to see the annotated pages for a final run-through. In that case, he can now tell VirtualViewer to skip pages it knows contain no edits. He can then move more quickly through the entire document and approve only the pages with the last list of alterations.

Any editor in any stage of the process can also now create comments that attach to an annotation. Comments listed beside an annotation will contain the editor’s name alongside the date and time the comment was created.

Finally, the new bookmarks feature can help individuals with future navigation by marking passages they mean to remember. It can link a user directly to a chosen part of the text via navigation in a VirtualViewer panel.

The updates listed here can be found in all versions of the new Snowbound document viewer. Users can begin to take advantages of these tools on their desktop and mobile devices, and if what Sabourin indicated will go as planned, they will find themselves immersed in a more efficient working environment whether at the desk or on the go.

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