Green Key Brings Voice Box to the Browser, Launches Partner Program

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t want to expand its potential customer base, but there usually isn’t much a company can do to accomplish such a lofty goal. Not so with Green Key Technologies, creator of an award-winning voice workspace designed for financial market voice collaboration, because the company has just announced not one, but two initiatives that will help it expand its reach.

First, Green Key has launched its first web-based platform, Voice Box (News – Alert), essentially bringing its Trader Voice Box VoIP platform to the browser. This new HTML5 voice workspace is the first in the industry to bring sophisticated trader voice capabilities to a broad range of devices, including low-cost touchscreen tablets.

“We created an extremely thin web application, designed for mission-critical trader voice, that performs exceptionally well on sub-$100 tablets,” said Green Key CEO Anthony Tassone. “This reduction in hardware dependency can produce an average cost savings of $15 million a year for large financial market firms. We’re very excited to partner with TT and make the workspace available to its highly skilled and vast user base.”

Second, Green Key has launched a new third-party Partnership Program, which already has its first partner: Trading Technologies International, a provider of high performance professional trading software. The two companies have integrated the new web-based Voice Box and customized it to best meet the needs of Trading Technologies’ customers, allowing them to access Green Key from within the Trading Technologies platform.

“One of the benefits of our new trading platform for our clients is that we are able to more easily integrate with other best-of-breed technologies,” said Drew Shields, CTO of Trading Technologies. “In doing so with Green Key, we have given our users another powerful trading tool without disrupting their workflow. We are very pleased to enter this partnership and bring this compelling combination to the market.”

Green Key’s new Partnership Program offers partners a JavaScript software development kit (SDK) that enables them to develop their own applications on top of Green Key’s VoIP network. The company will also make its transcription engine application programming interface (API) available so partners can build analysis, compliance and trade reporting applications on top of transcribed voice recordings.

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