DevCon5 Austin : Past Event
  HTML5 Developers and Designers Conference

Every browser company has embraced HTML5

Every device manufacturer has stated their commitment to HTML5

The world is moving to HTML5

Are You Ready?

The HTML5 Developers Summit provides you with the information and tools you need to exploit the capabilities of this revolutionary technology.

Hear from Adobe, Google, nVidia, AT&T, Strobe and Samsung, as well as others, about why they are committed to the next generation of the web, and why you should be…

HTML5 Summit Topics include:

  • Device Specific vs. Browser Base Development
  • The Power of Multimedia
  • Hands on with WebGL
  • The Power of HTML5’s Canvas
  • HTML5’s ability to outperform Device OSS’s
  • 3.0 Mobile Apps
  • The Hacker’s View of HTML5

Who’s Attending

Why You Should Attend

  • – Creators of Applications and
      Solutions for all things Internet
  • – Developers including Application,
      Software, UI and Web
  • – Designers including Graphic
      Artist, User Interface, and Web
  • – Enterprise Architects
  • – Executives including CEO, CIOs
      and CTOs
  • – Information Technologists
  • – Network Planners from the Cloud
      to the Enterprise Premise
  • – Managers including IT, Product
      and Strategic
  • – Planners looking to understand
      the impact on Business Processes.
  • – Security Planners looking to enable
      and protect.
  • – Strategists and anyone with a
      web presence
  • – Systems Managers
  • – Usability Testers and Ergonomic
      Designers focused on elegant

DevCon5 will focus on what you need to know, whether it’s UI design, back-end development, building HTML5 business models or security, DevCon5 will provide you with the information you need to implement and succeed at HTML5

Conference &
Keynote Highlights

Conference Program
Speaker List
Keynote Speakers



Austin Convention Center  -  Austin, Texas USA
September 13-15, 2011
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