Green Key Brings Voice Box to the Browser, Launches Partner Program

While mobile gaming has been taking advantage of HTML5, the original form of gaming, as in gambling, has adapted to mobile technology. Vivo Gaming has announced that it has released a new version of its HTML5-based Live Dealer Platform.

“Vivo Gaming’s new HTML5 product is proven to be a leading product for today’s competitive mobile solutions, offering innovative technology as well as a distinctive and smartly designed user interface while incorporating unique player features, which allows our widespread Operators to offer their players the ability to play on Live Dealer tables globally from multiple locations at any time,” Vivo Gaming CCO Yuval Shochat.

The company is targeting users in Europe and Asia. American users are out of luck, as actual online gambling with real money is still illegal in the U.S.

The platform launched 10 games to Europe this past December, including “HTML5 Squeeze Baccarat”, “Six card early draw”, “Fantasy Table”, and “Speed Baccarat.” What makes the company’s app different is that players can interact with live dealers.

While the mobile world has standardized on iOS and Android (News – Alert), HTML5 apps offer instant gratification, which is perfect for the gaming industry. Users don’t have to install anything and developers can target a range of devices with just one application.

While casino operators might lament the fact that users in the future might reach for the iPads instead of making a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, as long as users are lured by the prospect of a large win, they’ll go with whatever is the most convenient option.

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