DevCon5 Austin : Past Event
  HTML5 Developers and Designers Conference

Why Attend?

DevCon5 has assembled the premier thinkers and speakers on HTML5. DevCon5 focuses on educating web developers, designers, and architects on HTML5 and other tools to create dynamic user experiences. Attendees can choose to move between technology and development sessions as well as learn about user experience design and security, building new business models for the Mobile Web, and even the future of gaming. DevCon5 goes beyond a simple app store concept to a true “any to any” model of application design and development running on all mobile devices.

Join us at DevCon5 for two days of:

  • » Focused Education—Dedicated Tracks that hone in on what’s on your mind: HTML5 (Sessions include: HTML5 – The Power of Canvas, Dynamic JavaScript, CSS3 & Advanced Design, The HTML5 Brower Wars, 3-D 101, WebGL:3-D Everywhere, Presenting Scalar Vector Graphics, Metaverse: The Roadmap to 3-D), User Experience (Sessions include: Simple & Usable, Designing for Delight, The Impact of Color & Layout 1 and 2, Layout Winners & Sinners, Advanced Web Layout Techniques, Beginning the Story, The Power of Story), and The Evolving Web (Sessions include: Customerization 3.0: Mobile Life Experiences and The Design Shift, Device Specific vs. Browser Development, System Gamification,Venture Capital for the Viral, Virtual Mobile Market, Seeding the Start Ups, The New Threat: Browser Security 1 and 2).
    » Networking—find new business, make new contacts and interact with existing clients on the exhibit hall floor, in conference sessions, and lunch breaks.
    » Solution Providers—You have questions—they can help. Premier companies creating products and solutions to help execute against HTML5 demands are there to talk to you and help you sort through your questions.

DevCon5 is dedicated to providing you — the hero of all web user experiences — with an event that focuses on the implementation and execution of HTML5.

The attendee list includes all layers of development:

  • – Creators of Applications and Solutions for all things Internet
  • – Developers including Application, Software, UI and Web
  • – Designers including Graphic Artist, User Interface, and Web
  • – Enterprise Architects
  • – Executives including CEO, CIOs and CTOs
  • – Information Technologists
  • – Network Planners from the Cloud to the Enterprise Premise
  • – Managers including IT, Product and Strategic
  • – Planners looking to understand the impact on Business Processes.
  • – Security Planners looking to enable and protect.
  • – Strategists and anyone with a web presence
  • – Systems Managers
  • – Usability Testers and Ergonomic Designers focused on elegant experiences
Austin Convention Center  -  Austin, Texas USA
September 13-15, 2011
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