WordPress featured image not showing

WordPress featured image not showing

WordPress featured image not showing

A WordPress featured image is a visual indication of the content written on the website. It acts as a cue to the visitors and attracts them towards the webpage. However, this featured image does not show while uploading or sharing the post in some instances.

Don’t worry! This guide will help you fix the featured image issues on WordPress like a cakewalk.

What is a WordPress featured image? 

Ever wondered why it is essential to have a featured image on WordPress? When you publish an item, visual content serves the key pointers you want to convey effectively. Although there is a default option of the featured image on WordPress, you’re also free to upload an image from your gallery.

This image constitutes the media portfolio of the blog posts, and there is no need to upload it every time you share the content. So, whenever you share the blog post on any social media, this featured image efficiently redirects the viewers to your website.

What will happen if there is an issue with the featured image on WordPress?

Featured images cater for the blog post on any website and not just a WordPress file. It adds charm to the page and makes the blog more understandable. If your blog post fails to appeal, there will be less traffic and engagement on your website.

There are quite a few problems associated with the featured images not showing on your websites, like plugin issues and problems related to the theme selection. Here are some common issues caused by them-

  • Sometimes, the image is visible on the website, but it doesn’t show on any social media platforms like Facebook.
  • The major problem is that the featured image is not showing on either mobile and desktop or both of them simultaneously.

Luckily, there are some steps to resolve these minor issues on WordPress.

  • Please note the issue, whether it is visible on the website or not on social media and vice-versa. In some cases, there is difficulty in uploading the image.
  • Some WordPress related issues like plugins or coding errors may cause conflicts in the featured image, as mentioned above.
  • Installing a good plugin will help save time and resolve the issue of the WordPress image not showing.

Following this, we have discussed how you can resolve these issues in detail.

How to fix the visibility issue of the featured image while uploading?

New bloggers tend to make minor mistakes while uploading the featured image while publishing, which is understandable. What matters is how keen you’re to rectify it because, as discussed earlier, visual content is equally important.

It is super easy to upload images on WordPress. You can follow these brief steps to successfully upload the featured image on your posts, pages and sidebars-

  • You can upload images to WordPress posts or pages by adding the image block to the content editor. You can also add the image by typing ‘image’ in the paragraph, and the editor will start showing blocks in response.
  • WordPress will add an image block editor.
  • You will see three options- upload, media library and insert URL
  • Select either of these options according to your wish and upload the featured image
  • A live preview of the image will display in the content editor bar.
  • You can add alt text, image size, etc. Settings from the panel and enhance your image.

Following these simple steps will solve the minor problem of the featured image while uploading.

What if you confuse a cover image with a featured image on WordPress?

Many users confuse the cover image with the featured image while publishing content on WordPress. A cover image and a featured image are similar in several ways. Both of them fulfil the purpose of adding big photos at the beginning of the post, yet, there are some significant differences.

  • A cover image is a large photo with a particular width length that can be added anywhere on the post and not just in the beginning. It is a part of the content and not separated like the featured image.
  • A featured image is a primary image that you cannot use elsewhere in the post on a WordPress page. It represents the entire subject of your content.

To clear the confusion, let us explain how you can locate both of these features on WordPress-

  • You can insert the cover image by clicking on the ‘add block’ option in the editor section represented by a ‘+’. A cover block is then visible in the content editor, from where you can upload the images from your library.
  • A featured image has its section. One can locate it on the right-hand side panel at the top of the page.

What to do if the featured image faces issues with the properties?

Let’s assume that you uploaded an image on the WordPress website, but the properties of the image, like dimension, alignment and visuality, are not correct? In this case, you can keep these points in mind to resolve the issue-

  • Dimension- It is vital to select the correct image for your post. After this, you may rectify the glitch of the image showing too stretchy or blurry by choosing the proper dimension of the picture.
  • Edit the photo- One of the quickest ways to resolve an issue related to the featured image is editing the featured images inside the WordPress available in the ‘edit image’ option. You can crop, rotate left or right, flip vertical and horizontal in the inbuilt editing option.

As you can see, it is entirely convenient to edit the image if its properties don’t match the estimated standards.

How to fix the hypertext issue stopping the featured images from showing in posts?

Hypertext or HTTP error is common when the featured image doesn’t show on posts and pages. Try modifying the size and memory limitation of the featured images in such instances. You can decipher it by ‘error 404’ while clicking on the image.

  • Modifying the size- Do not load your hosting server by uploading huge files. It may cause some unavoidable issues in viewing the blog. Either upload the image according to the default resolution or decrease the file size and reload the page.
  • Exceeding or upgrading the memory limit- If the image size is on point, but you still see the error, then it is caused due to memory limitation of WordPress. In this case, you can manually edit your site’s configuration and change the PHP limit. Otherwise, you can opt for an up-gradation by contacting your hosting provider.

WordPress has simplified the editing process with a comparatively less time-taking approach.

What if the featured image appears twice?

Beginners often make the mistake of uploading featured images inside the content. In this case, the featured image appears duplicate in the content and makes the editor appear amateur. If you’ve uploaded the picture twice, nothing to worry about.

Following steps will help you make the changes-

  • Go to your WordPress blog and open the post where the duplicate featured image appears
  • Click on the duplicate image. A pop-up bar will appear with a three dots option in the end. Click there.
  • The drop-down menu contains the ‘remove block’ option. Select it and proceed to update the post.
  • It will delete the duplicate image.

What to do if the featured image on WordPress is not showing on search engines?

Often, you may have noticed that a featured image is not showing when you share the link of your blog on Facebook. Wondering why? Usually, the trouble arises when social media hasn’t crawled the site.

An SEO plugin is a go-to solution for your query. Many plugins even allow you to preview the post before sharing. An open graph code is required to check if the site is enabled for every search engine. Yoast SEO and All in one SEO are popular plugins that facilitate an open graph code for search engines.

This way, you can effortlessly share your WordPress post on social media and garner more engagement with featured images!

What to do if the featured image is not showing in WordPress posts?

Some setting is required if the featured image, also known as a thumbnail, isn’t showing up in mobile or desktop versions. You can make the necessary changes manually or via a plugin installed.

Make the settings manually by-

  1. Go to the block setting and click on the first option- ‘thumbs on modules/blocks.’
  2. A list of image properties will appear. Enable all the properties
  3. Save the changes. Refresh the mobile version
  4. The featured image will be visible

Long story short!

It feels frustrating to see the featured image not showing on WordPress when you invest your time and energy in website creation and quality content. Even though WordPress is an exciting platform that offers manual modification without any cumbersome coding for rectification. Yet, some significant situations require help.

We hope this guide did its bit in helping you with your troubles related to featured images on WordPress.

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